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our true love ways
James/Lily fic project
30th-Mar-2006 12:40 am
with a flower in her hair
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Last Updated: November 27, 2006

So...considering we're opening this up soon [Eek, how nervewracking], Ary and I figured it was about time we posted up some sort of an introductory post. We decided the best way to approach this would be through a FAQ [feel free to comment and add any questions that you guys want to see answered!] :D So here goes:

FAQ #1: What IS this, anyway?

This is a fanfiction project created by rhapsody and beatific where we will show OUR take of how James and Lily began their lives, relationships, school legacies, and our take on how it all ended. We will weave a tale of betrayal and loss, but also one of hope, friendship, and love.

...Okay, now that I've adequately embarrassed myself, let's move on.

FAQ #2: Who are you lot?

Okay...Hi! I'm Tracey. I don't want to type in the LJ code AGAIN, so you can just look up at the person who posted this. There's two of us. The other one is Ary. Do the math, and it won't be TOO hard to figure which is which.

Annnyway. I am a 17 year old freshman in college who is currently REALLY FREAKING BUSY with school. Eek. I have a major celebrity crush on Jake Gyllenhaal, my favorite color is light blue, and I like long walks on the be--oh wait, wrong personal profile. Ahem, anyway, I love to write and I will be the one translating our plot into words. I'm the "Lily" of this little duo. It's a long story, trust me.

Ary is a lovely 21 year old who is in love with anime, video games, and the "James" of our duo. She is the major one doing all the graphic work, and most of the plottage. I go to her for help with my characterization of James. She has no idea what she wants to say here, so I'll talk for her. Her favorite colors are blue and green, and she is currently playing her Wii and having an excellent time doing sweet, sweet things like making L as one of her Miis. She is an awesome person.

FAQ #3: How often will you update?

Okay, admittedly, we are not going to have set deadlines to update: When I finish writing a section and CJ finishes beta-ing, we will post. It may be a week, two, three? But I promise (scout's honor!) that I will do my best to write as quickly as possible. Ep 2? Is totally in the works. I'm so sorry, it's all my fault, but I'm so super busy that I hardly find the time to write ):

FAQ #4: What's the timeline of this fic going to be?

Uhm. Right. Timeline. We have one. e_e;; And it's a good one! Uhmm...Just kidding. The first edition will be their life before Hogwarts: after that there should be at least 3-5 editions on each year of their life until death. We are aiming for this to be a long-running fic.

FAQ #5: How can we contact you?

Easy! Just get in touch with us through these means:

NAME// Ary
AIM// jadestellar27
MSN// don't use it
YAHOO// jadestellar27
EMAIL// ourtrueloveways@gmail.com
LJ// rhapsody

NAME// Tracey
AIM// starlitxdreams
MSN// ocean_princess158@yahoo.com
YAHOO// don't use it
EMAIL// ourtrueloveways@gmail.com
LJ// beatific

THANK YOU to all of you who've friended us, we HEART YOU!!! ANd double thank you to those who majorly pimped out our work: CJ (crooked), Lina (lookslikelove), and Ash (slacker1985)...you guys ROCK HARDCORE MAN (: We'd have like, 10 people max if it weren't for you awesome chicas. And in the future to those who join/pimp...we love you too. You are incredible!

[/sappy loserness]

...And thanks for reading what is probably the most crackified FAQ ever.
30th-Mar-2006 01:46 pm (UTC)
*saves all this information just so that she can sufficiently stalk keep tabs on her children*

You know this was a good FAQ, even for the random capitlization at the end and the fact that Ary looks like a pedophile because she's working with you. Lie about your age, darling, it looks less creepy. XD

Mum loves you anyways!
30th-Mar-2006 07:44 pm (UTC)
You know it's pretty weird when I'm older than you and yet you still call me your child. :P

GEE THANKS. XD Now everyone in LJ is gonna stalk me with OMFG you pedophile! Besides, all you have to do is look at my userinfo and do the math. I'm not one much for lying. You know it's just as creepy that we all talk to a 16 year old all the time in chat room.
31st-Mar-2006 11:28 pm (UTC)
Yeah, I know it's weird. I was never denying that it was. Especially given that Tracey is the only one of my "children" younger than me. Think about that.

Sure, no prob. Just wait until you write teh sex and then it's REALLY going to be OMFG you pedophile. Yeah, you're pretty honest. haha It is just as creepy. Dammit Tracey, AGE!
31st-Mar-2006 07:43 am (UTC)
It will be awesome. I'm excited.
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